5 Ways You Can Stay Fresh & Clean While Living the #VanLife

Life on the road means cleanliness can take a back seat. But that only works for so long. No one wants to feel (or smell) like they’ve been outdoors for days – or weeks.

A shower in your van might be the way to stay clean. But those can be pricey, so we also offer a few less expensive options to maintaining a clean #vanlife.

  1. Installed Shower

    Being able to always have your shower with you will eliminate the need to have to search for showers or a lake to bathe in. Attaching a solar shower permanently on your roof gives you warm water heated from the sun.

  2. Antibacterial Wipes

    Baby wipes are cool, but recently Trip Wipes created something even better. They’re made with an essential oil blend (not alcohol) and are also non-toxic. They moisturize your hands, kill germs, and smell amazing. Our favorite part about them, however, is that they are biodegradable. You can purchase a box here.

  3. Planet Fitness

    Planet Fitness has over 1,400 locations across the US and for only $10 a month, you can get free fitness training, take a shower, get access to free WiFi, and they will even give you a free t-shirt! We think it’s a bargain but we actually haven’t purchased a membership. Check it out here.

  4. Micellar Water

    Even if you don’t wear make up whilst travelling, you should still have a bottle of Micellar water in your van toiletries cupboard. I like to use it every now and again to give my face a good clean when it’s feeling dirty. Grab your cotton wool and get cleansing! It’s amazing (disgusting) how much dirt comes off…

  5. Dry Shampoo

    It will always serve you well when you are unable to find means to wash my hair at festivals or camping trips.

    Plus, it smells so nice.

    Pick some up here.





douglas schwartz