6 of the Dirtiest Places in Airplanes & Airports

Just how many germs can you find in an airplane?

Scientists collected swabs from five different airports and four different flights between two major carriers to test just how gross it can get!

Photo by Julian Hochgesang

Photo by Julian Hochgesang

  1. Airplane Tray Table

    While you are eating your in-flight peanuts, something to consider is what you are eating them on. Tray tables in airplanes are the #1 hot spot on our list for germs. The tray table contained a whopping 2,155 colony forming germ units per square inch!

  2. Drinking Fountain Button

    Feeling thirsty? You won’t be after this next fact. Drinking fountains came up as our #2 hot spot. Just the button alone contained an insane amount, 1,240 colony forming germ units per square inch! Before you hydrate, make sure to wipe down with an antibacterial travel wipe.

  3. Overhead Air Vent

    Trying to cool down? Don’t get germs blasted all in your face. Make sure to wipe down this before you chill! The air vent contained 285 colony forming germ units per square inch! Gross!

  4. Bathroom Flush Button

    We all know bathrooms are gross and airplane lavatories are no exception. Scientists swabbed the flush button and you won’t believe how gross it was! The flush button contained 265 colony forming germ units per square inch! Keep from getting sick by wiping down this hot spot.

  5. Seatbelt Buckle

    Attention passengers! Buckle up for this next fact. Coming in at #5 on our list is the seatbelt buckle. You won’t believe how gross this is. Keep from getting sick on your trip by wiping down your seatbelt with an antibacterial travel wipe.

  6. Bathroom Stall Lock

    Last on our list in the bathroom stall lock. We found a disgusting amount of germs here. The collected swab gathered 70 colony forming germ units per square inch! Get your peace of mind back with a scented, antibacterial, travel wipe that moisturizes your hands and leaves you feeling refreshed.





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