Scented, individually wrapped, anti-bacterial towelette wipes. Each wipe is refreshing, non-toxic, and the perfect way to refresh on your travels.

There’s a global problem.


TripWipes was born from an overwhelming need to be prepared and kill germs on-the-go. The majority of the population “freaks out” because of germs and contamination. There is a bevy of bacterias that live on everyday common surfaces we come in contact with on our travels, and that we often don’t even think about. 

For the millions who travel every day, we’ve got the solution; an easy-to-carry, easy-to-use, individual wipe that kills 99.99% of germs, smells incredible, and that you can trust.

To everyone who shake hands, take the subway, Uber, ride birds, and fly...now you can wipe down your tray table, seat belt buckle, and cellphone with ease.

A game changing formula and fragrance will keep you addicted to the “good smells”, and that actually works! Something you will definitely want to take a selfie with and post on social media.

Instagramable. Viral. Sustainable. 


Did you Know? These are the top 15 spots with the most germs

Restaurant Menus - 185,000 Bacteria Per Square Centimeter

Elevator Buttons - 1 in 10 Can Give You the Flu

Gasoline Pumps - 70% More Germs Than a Toilet

Soap Dispensers - 1 in 4 Can Make You Sick

Cell phones - 10x More Bacteria Than a Toilet

Keyboards - 200x More Bacteria Than a Toilet

Money - 200,000 Bacteria Per Square Inch

ATMs - 12,000 Bacteria Per Square Inch

Faucet Handles - 44x More Bacteria Than a Toilet

Office Desks - 400x More Bacteria Than a Toilet

Remote Controls - Over 50% Can Give You a Cold

Doorknobs - More Like Germknobs

Light Switches - 217 Bacteria Per Square Inch

Handbags - 1 in 5 Can Be a Health Risk

Reusable Shopping Bags - Bacteria Traps


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